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Committed to spreading knowledge about Japanese cuisine around the world by paying respect to traditional techniques, Sushi Zo is an oasis for those seeking a true Edomae-inspired omakase sushi experience. With six venues across the globe, Sushi Zo quickly garnered praise and recognition among critics and gourmands alike, earning its first Michelin star within its first three years.


Set apart from its other venues around the world, Sushi Zo Hong Kong applies a more free-spirited approach to omakase dining, providing guests with a multisensory experience that aims to satisfy. Ingredients are flown in fresh from Japan daily, allowing Sushi Zo’s skilled team of chefs to hone their creativity and dexterity in the preparation of their daily-rotating menu that showcases the best seasonal cuts of seafood at their prime. Each dish is introduced one by one, with meticulous attention to detail in its preparation and presentation, providing a harmonious ‘ittai-kan’ balance of flavour, texture, and temperature. In keeping with Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan tastes, each dish infuses local flavours, providing something fresh and unique for guests to look forward to as they indulge in a unique culinary journey.


Located in the heart of Hong Kong, Sushi Zo strives to redefine traditional omakase sushi with its tranquil yet warm atmosphere, carefully-choreographed service, and modern yet authentic approach to Japanese cuisine. Expect only the best seafood, refined with special sauces and seasonings, and share intimate moments with loved ones during the 3 daily sittings, with an optional sake pairing to enhance the experience.

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